Roll Call - Fandango '07

Rob Schwartz coldinvt at
Fri Mar 30 22:13:59 PDT 2007

Yeah.  Up in them mountains somewhere.  It is definitely some "high
pucker-factor" riding, but please... no colors!

I don't get too freaked out.  Just focus on the road, slow in, fast out,
late apexes & such, and steal the occasional glance at one jaw-dropping
scene after another...  It sure is beautiful out there!  All over the

Rob - tookma firstride daybafore yesterday! :D

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> Red Mountain Pass is between Silverton and Ouray.  Me thinks it was
> those switch backs near that abandon mine on the down hill side going
> towards Ouray .  Gotta admit they had my pucker meter in the yellow
> range (Ewww, that didn't sound so good) too.
> Art in DM

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