Oh No, a Oil Question

York Powell yorkus at comcast.net
Thu Mar 22 23:29:53 PDT 2007

I know some of you really hate it when someone starts the dreaded  
"Oil Thread" but hopefully someone can give this a quick answer. I  
went to Waly Mart to get some Rotela full Synthetic oil  that has  
been recommended on this and other forums and they where out. So in  
the place next to where it should be was the Castrol Syntec and the  
price was just a couple $$ more. Has anyone used this in their bike?  
I have been running Yamalube Syn/Dino blend up to this point at the  
suggestion of the dealer. While I haven't had any oil related  
problems I just don't want to pay the ridiculous price anymore.

I guess I have just two questions:

1- Should I put it in the bike or not.
2- What is the recommended weight


1995 GPZ

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