Worn clutch?

john leonard jlmdx at hotmail.com
Tue May 1 10:02:56 PDT 2007

Hi All,

First time poster!  I have a '96 GPz that seems to be having some clutch 

It's not slipping, but it doesn't seem to engage until I'm near the end of 
the clutch release (about the last 20% or so).  I've tinkered around with 
the entire range of the clutch lever settings and they all feel about the 
same; I'm riding at #4 today.

The bike has only 11,800 miles and I don't beat it too badly.

I've changed the clutch fluid this week, and loaded the case with 15W - 40.  
  Is this too heavy?

If it sounds like the clutch, should I wait for a little slipping to appear 
before I replace it?
Or, will this thing just totally crap out on the road without further 

If I do need to replacing the clutch, do I need to drain the clutch fluid 
and move the hydraulics away from the work area, or does it just push aside 
like a brake caliper?

Thanks for your advice, john

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