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Try this.

Run a pipe from the tank outlets to a large container (say a 9 Litre
bucket) and measure how much time it takes for say 1Litre to empty
into the container.

Then, connect in the filter and do the same test.

Perhaps you cannot flow enough fuel or the filter is rusted rooted..

Let us know what you find.


On 5/4/07, John Soliday <johnsoliday at msn.com> wrote:
> Probably there is air in it that is trapped that you don't see or it's a one
> way version.  I put a very small METAL filter on mine because I've seen the
> plastic ones get hot, deform, and leak when placed behind the cylinder heads
> of a bike this big...
> John
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> I decided to go ahead and put an inline fuel filter in and something wasn't
> right , the bike didn't run so I took it off , so the question is did I use
> the wrong one or did I install it wrong. I put it inline right after the
> fuel tap. the filter looked kinda small but it was the only style the local
> shop had , just a plastic bulb w/ a flat screen.
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