Pirelli Diablo Strada tires Mileage

Julian Solomensky jsolo at solo-tek.com
Thu May 3 18:58:23 PDT 2007

Just wondering what kind of mileage other have been getting from these?

I have about 9Kmiles on the rear now.  It's a bit squared off, but I'd say a good 40-50% tread still remains.

The front I had to replace earlier this season because of a screw.  At the time, the front was at about 45% or so remaining (7K on that tire at the time)

I expect by the end of the season the rear will be completely shot.  Debating what to do for next season.  Get the st1300/conc14, or new tires :)

Been reading lots on the ST lately, and it seems to be the bike I'll get.   I do want to see what sort of concoction the concours14 will be before committing to the ST.

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