Sore Butt

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Sat May 5 09:08:10 PDT 2007

+1 on the reviews from Northrop.  Thought I'd include some pics of the 
Russell Day-Long I've had on mine since '04.

my first test with linking to Picasa so let me know if it doesn't work.  
Scroll down in that album and you'll see a GPz in front of a blue 
house.  That is Northrop's bike with the Sargent seat (sorry Steve, I 
snagged those off your webshots album)

I LOVE the Russell seat.  Ya, it was around $500 but it is the best $$$ 
I've spent on the bike.  Ya, looks like a Barka-Lounger but here in the 
land of corn and no curves where its a 4 hour ride to any descent 
roads//curves, I opted for LD comfort over a sleeker styled seat that 
works better for hanging off in the curves.  I've done an Iron Butt SS1k 
and several 700+ mile days with the Russell.  For riding the twisties 
I'm slid forward to the taper in the seat anyway and hardly notice the 

I've tried a Corbin and agree with Steve; too much of a bucket that 
locks you into one place.

I also tried the LSL style higher bar conversion too.  Personally I 
didn't like it.  Put me too far away from being in touch with steering 
input and the "feel" of the forks and front wheel.  Also it rolled my 
butt further back onto my tailbone and made the seat more 
uncomfortable.  I switched to Gen-Mar riser blocks and found those to be 
the best compromise.

my $0.02

Art in DM

Stephen Hampson wrote:
> I have'nt really done more than 100 miles in any one session on the Gpz. I
> changed the stock bars for LSL type risers a couple of weeks ago and
> yesterday I did a 350 mile trip. Well after 80 miles my seat became very
> uncomfortable, now is it my soft butt or is the stock seat not very good
> with risers. Obviously more of, if not all my weight is on my butt now and
> the pain seemed to come from the edges of the seat.
> Anyone else had the problem? Was it cured with a corbin or sergeant seat? 
> I don't seam to recall the problem with the stock bars but that could of the
> pain in my wrists taking my mind of it.
> Steve

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