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Steve Northrop blackgpz at
Sat May 5 15:49:37 PDT 2007

Those are holes for stalk type mirrors. Don't know about these holes but on 
the older bikes, one was a RH thread and the other was a LH thread. Just 
something to look for.
The RAM mount I have for my Magellan has a 3" arm on it so eventhough it 
mounts in the center, I can adjust it easily for clearance.

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> Welcome back Steve :)
> I've been looking at the front end/instrument cluster area.
> I found another possibility.
> There's a threaded hole in both levers.  I'm not sure of the thread, but 
> looks to be the same as the banjo bolts for the master cyl's.  This hole 
> appears to be plugged with a small black cap, but is easily pried out.
> On hard rights the clutch master does come close to the windscreen, but 
> i'm sure the gps can be swiveled out of the way.
> I'm going to pick up a unit in a few days then play around with 
> installation.  Using the lever would definitely make for a very solid 
> mount.  Perhaps maybe use a small bracket of some sort to offset the gps.
> Saturday, May 5, 2007, 5:38:10 PM, Steve wrote:
>> I'm not an ex-lister and I did the same thing. Used a stud with the RAM 
>> ball
>> mount on it. Easy to attach/detach and move between vehicles.

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