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Sat May 5 20:25:06 PDT 2007

Hello Jeffrey,

1)  When the bike was new, I used to get mid to upper 40's.  Now I get mid to upper 30's (77K miles)

2)  Sounds like a bad connection someplace.  There's a 3 or 4 terminal connector to the cluster that when disconnected will cause all the lights on the dash to light up.  It's a pain to pull the tank and plastic off, but that's what's needed to get at the cluster wiring.  Check for corrosion or bad connections.

Saturday, May 5, 2007, 9:51:23 PM, you wrote:

> 1: What kind of mileage do you guys get with your GPZ? I was
> expecting about 43mpg when I bought the bike, but have only gotten about 35 in three tanks of gas.

> 2: The dash display started doing some weird things yesterday. The
> speedometer and tachometer work just fine, but the fuel gauge and
> temp gauge are both pegged, and obviously shouldn't be. In addition
> the turn signals indicate in reverse. I turn the signal on to go
> left and it flashes to the right. This is only on the dash display,
> the actual signal to the other drivers works just fine. All of these
> three problems are interconnected and intermittent. Sometimes the
> dash works just fine and other times all three problems show up at
> the same time. Finally I can sometimes get the dash to work normally
> by pressing the horn or the hazard button. After this the dash to
> work fine for a minute or two and then return to the messed up
> state. Anyway, anyone know what is going on here?

> thanks,

> -Jeff 
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