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Perhaps I'm just more heavy handed with the throttle than I think I am. I'll have to try being really easy on the next tank of gas. I plan on syncing the carbs soon as well, mabey that will help.

As for the electrical issue it seems to be a wiring connector that is located just behind the display. If I reach around and jiggle it the problem reveals itself. I'll have to remove the plastics to get a better look.

thanks for the help-

Jeffrey R. Markham 
Digital Designer

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I have been tracking almost every L/Gal of gas used in my GPz since
purchased in 2000.
Use a spreadsheet, a little geeky I know but that is the industry I work
in..  :-)

I have recorded a high of 66.6 mpg (Jul 26/05) and a low of 33.2 mpg (Aug

My average over 246 data points is 51.01 mpg.

All this is based on the Imperial Gal. 

Paul W. Landry
p_landry at


I get 40 MPG at anything under 100+ average speed. 21K miles, carbs need to
be synced. Stock but fuel screws tweaked a bit.

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