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Mon May 7 10:44:47 PDT 2007

Nebraska and Eastern WY, yes. Boring as hell.

Once you hit the rockies even the Interstate can be scenic/fun,
particularly I-70 through Utah and I-15 down through the Virgin River
gorge south of St. George. Once out of the gorge it's
dullsville/wasteland all the way to Vegas.

As for whether the boredom of the midwest is worth it to you, that's a
personal decision. I survived a 3-day Interstate ride to Ohio a couple
of years ago on an ST1100 because I had the LOTR books on tape. Helped
a lot.

I say go for it. :)

On 5/7/07, Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at> wrote:
>  It's too long, straight, and
> boring across Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah.
Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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