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Mon May 7 14:24:33 PDT 2007


Do it, but if you're going to go superslab, you may as well keep receipts 
and arrange start and finish witnesses and go for your IBA SS1000 or BB1500. 
That's what I'd do, sorta.

Actually, it's not what I'd do, because I'd rather find an interesting 
two-lane way to get there (or back), and believe me, there are plenty of 
them.  That'll add time to the trip though, but it'll be far more 
interesting than wrestling w/ 18-wheelers all day long.  I can send you my 
2002 C2C route if you'd like to pick some roads from it.

The bike's mileage isn't a concern, it's more a matter of if you're up to 
it, mentally and physically.  If you are, you'll find that long 
time/distance alone in the saddle is the deepest form of meditation, so 
it'll be good for the soul.

And yea, Scaps is right, you'll be sore, but it may damn well be a "good 

Best regards,
Bill in Yardley, PA
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From: "Jerry Clair" <darkclarity2k at>

> Heres the thing, My father passed Saturday night. Services are Friday.
> Three days off paid. plus the weekend. I'd miss Wyoming using 80-76.
> Are there enough gas staions? what, 300 miles or so? The other concern
> is Red has 65k on her.
> scapco at wrote: Doable, but I wouldn't.  It's too long, 
> straight, and
> boring across Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah.  You'd just burn
> a set of tires and make yourself sore.  I'd do something
> like ride to Miami and back if I were you.  It would be a
> lot more fun, IMHO.
> Charles S.
>> and back, 5 days
>> Jerry Clair  wrote: 2100 miles
> Cleveland to
> Vegas on the old Red.
>> Sane or not sane?

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