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Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Mon May 7 20:25:47 PDT 2007

If, on the outside chance you have something wrong with your clutch basket, you'll need to remove the center nut holding the basket and center hub on. When removing the nut from the center hub of the clutch, an air impact wrench works wonders. Others have said you can put the bike in gear and stick a board between the spokes of the rear wheel to break it loose, but that just wouldn't do it for me. Fortunately, my neighbor has an impact wrench and an air compressor. Had it loose in no time. I doubt you'll have anything wrong with your clutch basket because they're pretty bullit proof, but in case you have anything broken, let me know. I have a basket that's in good shape that I need to sell. But, as was stated, once the center nut is broke loose, the job is a piece of cake. Before you can get to the center nut, though, you'll need to unscrew the bolts holding all the clutch springs on. Don't worry, they won't fly off. Once those are off, take off the cover and you'll see the
 center nut. It's a 30mm nut. But, you'll only need to remove it if there's something broken on the basket. Otherwise, just remove the springs and cover plate, then take out all the friction plates and steel plates and replace with new ones in the same order. You may not need steel plates. If there's dark blue or black discoloration all over them, I'd replace them. If the discoloration is mild, you're probably ok. Don't fret over the job like I did. Just do it, it's easy.

James Keefover <jkeefover at> wrote:  Ok..thanks to GPZ list members very good advice on tires, chain, sprocket,
the bike is almost perfect. Now I guess I need to replace the clutch.
Clutch take up is all the way at the end of the lever and I was able to get
clutch slip with no lever pull at all today.

What's the best place to get parts for clutch replacement and how hard of a
job is it?

Thanks a million,

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