clutch replacement...

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Tue May 8 17:05:28 PDT 2007

 If i understand you correctly and as a lazy bastid who does the minimum 
possible, I'd check your hydraulics first. My experience is that up to a 
point hydraulic systems are somewhat self adjusting for wear. Make sure your 
master cylinder isn't acting as a check valve. It could do what you 
describe, if it isn't letting the fluid back to the master cylinder after 
releasing the lever. Some bikes have a weep hole in the master cylinder that 
takes care of fluid expansion in the line/slave cylinder(not sure about the 
Geeper) If it gets clogged you have a check valve..
  The original clutch is pretty robust..unless you have bathed it in some 
shitty synthetic slick snot..

     Pete S

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> Ok..thanks to GPZ list members very good advice on tires, chain, sprocket,
> the bike is almost perfect.  Now I guess I need to replace the clutch.
> Clutch take up is all the way at the end of the lever and I was able to 
> get
> clutch slip with no lever pull at all today.
> What's the best place to get parts for clutch replacement and how hard of 
> a
> job is it?
> Thanks a million,
> James

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