clutch replacement...

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You know me well, cheap and lazy.  In this case add rushed into the mix
because I have a big ride scheduled next weekend and don't want to have to
abandon my bike in the Smokies and hitchhike home, lol.

I'm liking your hydraulics theory.  Here's some info that might add weight
to the optimistic theory.  When I first pull out after the bike sitting for
a while, the clutch takes up at the middle of the lever's travel, normal.
It's only after the clutch is pumped a few times does it seem to start
working it's way to the end of the lever travel.  Also I'm really easy on
clutches typically.  I've only had this bike for a year (13000 of it's 24000
life), but it sure does seem early to need a clutch.

I will study the exploded view of the master cylinder tomorrow and maybe
change out fluid and look for blockage.


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 If i understand you correctly and as a lazy bastid who does the minimum 
possible, I'd check your hydraulics first. My experience is that up to a 
point hydraulic systems are somewhat self adjusting for wear. Make sure your

master cylinder isn't acting as a check valve. It could do what you 
describe, if it isn't letting the fluid back to the master cylinder after 
releasing the lever. Some bikes have a weep hole in the master cylinder that

takes care of fluid expansion in the line/slave cylinder(not sure about the 
Geeper) If it gets clogged you have a check valve..
  The original clutch is pretty robust..unless you have bathed it in some 
shitty synthetic slick snot..

     Pete S

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> Ok..thanks to GPZ list members very good advice on tires, chain, sprocket,
> the bike is almost perfect.  Now I guess I need to replace the clutch.
> Clutch take up is all the way at the end of the lever and I was able to 
> get
> clutch slip with no lever pull at all today.
> What's the best place to get parts for clutch replacement and how hard of 
> a
> job is it?
> Thanks a million,
> James

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