does this make me a Bad Person?

bob.sims at bob.sims at
Fri May 11 00:05:24 PDT 2007

Thanks, Charles, for the response, you and the rest have given me something fun to do at work rather than, well, work...

> I've always believed you can't truely call a Buell 
> a "Harley" as Mr Buell definitely marches to the beat of a 
> different drum.  

Yes, this is a distinction that most Buell owners have to make regularly.  The Buell motor is indeed distinct, although it shares the same basic HD Sportster geometry.  It is a very different motorcycle.  The XB models (fuel in frame) are especially a new generation for Buell, and as I said, arguably a generation ahead of the rest of the crowd.

> Maybe you should keep the old Geeper around to rent to us 
> less fortunate coming to visit from the USA??

You are welcome any time, whether on my spare or a rental!


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