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Dave King oldfr8dog at
Sun May 13 05:58:25 PDT 2007

I have travelled throughout Mexico quite a bit and have found it pretty safe for the most part.  The stuff that was in the news a while back was mainly down in the very southern part of the country but that's quieted down.  The only caveat that I can offer is to beware of the petty crime, you know, pickpocket type of stuff.  The Yucutan is very tourist friendly, that's their bread and butter and the locals depend on it, so they're not too keen on screwing it up.  I've taken my family there on vacation and we all had a good time.  Have fun, just don't drink the water. :)

Marilyn Mason <masonjs at> wrote:
  I have a an offer of a vacation residence exchange. The exchangee has a
condo on the on the Gulf of Mexico on the Yucatan pennisula in Mexico and
wants to exchange 2 weeks there for a week at my place on the Ottawa River.
Any of you know how safe it is in a small fishing commuity on the Yucatan?
With it being -30 C here in February I'd ride with Satan to stay warm but
Marilyn is worried about the shit she here's in the news.
Had the Triumph out, gotta get that worn out AMAL carb off and install the
new Mikuni.


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