Over the hill and back again... Dialup unfriendly!

Bill Magitz corbie at verizonmail.com
Mon May 14 18:04:02 PDT 2007

nice pix !!! iduuno what the others were looking she looks like a hotty to me !!!!

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> Subject: Over the hill and back again... Dialup unfriendly!
> Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 10:40:55 -0600
> Hi Guys,
> Well, I finally got out for a ride this weekend. What with moving into the
> house, and work ramping up for the busy season, I've been wondering if I'd
> ever get out for a few hours!
> But lo and behold, the skies parted and a golden opportunity dropped nto my
> lap this last weekend. The wifey had planned for a bridal shower to be
> taking place at our home on Saturday afternoon, and I was encouraged to make
> myself scarce or hide in the garage for a number of hours. I'm certain you
> can see the wisdom of my decision...
> So, Called up a couple of buddies that I hang around with to see about
> wasting an afternoon at 12,000 ft up on the Grand Mesa. One of the guys is a
> mere week from moving back to Ohio, and was looking for the opportunity to
> take a metric buttload of pictures to make his buddies on the other end
> jealous. I'm betting it will have worked.
> Here's the ones I took (that were worth uploading).
> http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v206/LEANINTREE/Grand%20Mesa%205-12-07/
> 2 notes though (just for interest factor)... This pic is one the wifey
> LOVED... because that ain't her. ;-)   We passed this young lady and her
> associates about 5 minutes earlier through a spirited section of the climb
> (read:hard on the gas), and they pulled in while we were taking pics. They
> also began takin photos, but primarily of her. According to her, they were
> 'for her portfolio'... (meaning I assume that this young lady is sick of
> working at taco-bell and want's people to pay her for her pretty face
> instead of her skills or lack thereof). They were taking a number of photos
> when she comes out and asks if she can take a couple of pics on the Almighty
> Geeper... rather suprised me because the 2 guys I was with had 2002 and 2005
> ZRX1100/1200's repectively, and they were pretty shiny and snazzy. Yet she
> was drawn to the faster red, faded red, scarred and marred 12 yr old
> saddlebagged wonder. Musta been the plastic. (Gotta admit she was cute, but
> my BFTrouble alarm went off immediatly. And not just from the fact that my
> wife would kill me. She had that flame-out young aura around her...)
> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/LEANINTREE/Grand%20Mesa%205-12-07/2007_0512Grand_Mesa0021.jpg
> Oh, and don't miss the last 5 (the panoramics). I took a bundle of shots and
> stitched them all into really freakin' big photos. But they turned out
> really nice (although wide). Was able to capture the entire vistas that way,
> so don't be disuaded from the small size of the thumbnails. The pics are
> MUCH larger.
> Don in GJ


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