Headlight Modulator

Mike Buehrle mbent at magma.ca
Mon May 14 19:37:17 PDT 2007

   I have read on another discussion group about some of the benefit being
   reduced by the hypnotic effect of  the modulator, similiar to high beams
   during daytime but  I say it sure can't hurt. Especially when modulators are
   not  common,  if  every  bike had them they would probably way be less
   Trains around here 20-30 years ago used to use modulated headlights but  no
   longer seem to, I wonder why they discontinued?
   Mike Buehrle
   On Mon May 14 20:32 , "Steve Northrop" sent:

     Until now, I have questioned the value of a headlight modulator. I bought
     one and installed it a couple of weeks ago. I won't ride without one ever
     again. It really catches a cagers eye and makes them pause to figure out
     what that blinking light is long enough for them to recognize it's a
     motorcycle. When I pass by those waiting to make left turns in front of
     I  see them looking right at my blinking headlight. I've had others
     out onto the roadway that stopped dead as soon as they saw my blinking
     headlight. Some don't like it in their rearview mirror so they either slow
     to let me by or speed up. In either case, they're not near me anymore. I
     have been extremely impressed with it's ability to make others see me. I
     highly recommend them. I've also added a 16 LED running/brake light to the
     rear of the bike to help visibility at the back end as well.
     Steve in Western NY
     '96 GPZ1100
     '02 Daytona 955i
     "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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