Sanity returned!

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Mon May 14 20:47:31 PDT 2007

So, I decided not to cross the great plains. I did get old red out.
Off to Cananda for a leave it all behind kind of trip. Ah! The falls!
Before leaving, I installed a Vista throttle lock type cruise control.
Not easy,  cuz it was designed  foe 1" bars.  What primate uses 1" 
bars any how? 
 My young, wipper-snapper friend has a '85 Intruder 700. You know
the whole Harley wanna-be thing; -loud pipes, long hair, worn tires,
beenie helmet, no wind protection and a marlboro bag for gear.
(Must be from the whole "big wheel" scene grown-up or something)
He froze his arse off. LOL
We stopped in the "classic iron" museum. It was kinda cool

On the way back over the border, we stopped to put our helmets
and gloves back on, because they had to be removed to look for
a towel on my head or something and some wanna be cop or 
Bourne identity freak something starts up.
 "get outta here" yells freak'in border dick head.
True to form and darkclarity persona.
 "Study for your CIA  Weapons of Mass Destruction test, buddy!" I shout
and I point to the sky. 
 So we take the first exit to fix up.  My buddy's bike does not want to start.  Great in Buffalo! The same place a limo almost took me out 2 nights before
trying to split the lane with me. Now wonder they filmed "you kill me" there.
A push start works... next stop we put high test in his bike and it runs
 worse. LOL Like a Harley now!  My friend is ready for a new bike. 
  I love my old Geeper, just tuck and go...
Next trip... Iowa. To see The first grand kid, he's is in the oven now.


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