k&n air filter

David Beard davidebeard at comcast.net
Tue May 15 17:10:37 PDT 2007

Thanks Larry,

    "Seat of the pants" is where I live, so though dyno numbers would be 
nice, I'm more interested in how it feels. I've heard others mention 
that you loose a little low end torque, which I've probably already 
compensated for by going up a few teeth on the rear sprocket and adding 
an ignition advance plate. Midrange is what I'm interested in mainly, 
and if there is an appreciable improvement there, then I'm sold.

Dave B

Larry Zoia wrote:
>> Larry
>> This is a mod I've been contemplating for quite awhile. I'd be 
>> interested to hear more about the performance benefits and/or 
>> consequences you've noticed since making the change.
>> Dave B
> We must understand that my perception of performance gains is by the 
> seat-of-the-pants dyno.
> This is also contributed to by more intake noise...kinda
> like taking the air filter off my dad's 1963 Pontiac Bonneville.
> I can assure you that there is improvement.  I suppose
> a dyno run would be necessary to quantify the improvement, and I 
> suspect somebody out there has
> already done this.
> I also have dropped a tooth on the countershaft sprocket, but that was 
> done long before the intake mod.
> It seems it may have lost a little grunt below 4k rpm, but the 
> midrange and high end are definitely substantially stronger.
> Still, all the R&D has been done.  I just followed Mr. Northrup's 
> instructions, and I was good to go.
> Larry in Michigan

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