Alternatives for replacement exhausts?

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Tue May 15 21:33:01 PDT 2007

Have you contacted Muzzy?  They might rebuild it for you for far less 
than cost of new.  I know Two Brother's does for their CF cans. Might be 
worth an email.
If its towards the end, can you simply shorten the overall length by 
sawing off the end that is cracked and then just buying  a new cap ?
Art in DM

Don Wilcox wrote:
> Ok, here's a question for the collective... Say (hypothetically of 
> course)
> that some errant GPZ owner has a wayward moment some 21 months ago and
> throws a faster red '95 Geeper down the road one dewy morning...
>   <snip>
> Don in GJ

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