Alternatives for replacement exhausts?

Don Wilcox leanintree at
Tue May 15 21:10:51 PDT 2007

Ok, here's a question for the collective... Say (hypothetically of course)
that some errant GPZ owner has a wayward moment some 21 months ago and
throws a faster red '95 Geeper down the road one dewy morning...

In the ensuing symphony of scrapings and breakings, the Muzzy CF Oval
canister on the afore mentioned bike gets a bit of damage. Say a dislocated
end cap, and a small crack towards the opposite (up-pipe) side of the unit.
Inn the ensuing 21 hypothetical months, the can seems to fit worse, seems to
have become much louder. According to the hypothetical wife, it also stinks
when this Geep is being followed in traffic. The Hypothetical crack has
begun to expand significantly.

So... hypothetically speaking... what is required to mate one can to a
specific pipe?

Aw crap. Forget the hypothetically junk...  Can't spell it again reliably.

Here's the deal. I have  a Muzzy titanium full system with a (worse for
wear) Muzzy Oval CF canister. Being a poor man, recently into a new home,
finances are at a minimum, so I'm scavenging around ebay for something that
I could fit.

What are the pertinent parameters? Pipe diameter? flow rate (to support
1100cc)? Muzzy only mounting specifications? I love the headers, but I'm not
sure I have the cash to replace the canister with the an identical
replacement. And change is good, sometimes. Will ANY non-slip-on of
sufficient flow function in place of my damaged canister? if I was looking
at replacing a slip on, I can see that I'd have to match or transplant the
flange, but I don't think that's the case.

Any thoughts from the oh so knowledgeable list? I think it's only a matter
of time until vibes make my can shorter than standard, and short of
bulldogging it, I get the feeling that it can't be fixed with my

Don in GJ

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