Fandango Fallout (no GPZ content)

D Peterson gpzzzzzer at
Wed May 16 11:30:54 PDT 2007

Hey gang,

I regret to announce that I must withdraw from the Bi-annual Durango 
Fandango this year.  Boo hoo hoo sob sob.  Events beyond my control have 
conspired against my attendance.  I have 7 grandkids; 3 live in California, 
2 in Texas and 2 here in Utah .  One of my daughter in laws families is 
having a reunion the same weekend as the Fandango here in Utah so all of my 
grandchildren will be in town.  I can't afford to be gone during this rare 
occurance so I must bow out of the Fandango.  Oh well such is life. You guys 
have a great time.  I will be thinking of you.

All is not lost however, as my brother and I are now planning a mid July 
weeklong tour of the Colorado rockies including the Durango vicinity.

Charles - any must see routes, passes etc. would be appreciated.

Dennis P
95 RED
Orem, UT USA

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