Crosswind sensitive GPZ - update

Ped pedmail at
Thu May 17 10:27:29 PDT 2007

About a month ago I wrote about my GPZ becoming sensitive to crosswinds 
from the left all of a sudden. Bob and others pointed my attention 
towards the carb vent hoses. Since I hadn't messed with anything in that 
area during winter maintenance I thought "Probably not it, but what the 
heck, I'll go and have a look". Well, I did find the left hose slightly 
out of position. It was actually out on the side of the airbox and not 
behind the frame where it should be. I moved  the hose about one and a 
half inch back into position and thought again "Probably not it, a 
little misplacement couldn't have that much effect...?" Well, today was 
the first day I had the chance to go out into a very fresh westerly 25 
knots wind and test the advice. And YES!!! - the problem was gone! 
Thanks Bob and others - this list is a goldmine when you run out of ideas.

Why did it turn up all of a sudden then, when I hadn't touched that hose 
during winter maintenance? Well, last autumn I fixed the overcharge 
problem by installing a relay and some wires in just that area, and it 
was probably back then the carb vent hose came out of position. I just 
didn't realize the problem because the right wind conditions were not 
there the last couple of weeks before going into winter hibernation.

Thanks again!

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

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