Supercorsas on the GPZ

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Thu May 17 13:22:04 PDT 2007

Go new. Why waste your time on those used ones that may not last a couple years? Just my 2 cents.

"blackbear at" <blackbear at> wrote:  Buddy at work is offering me his take-off Supercorsas. Said they have 
1000miles and three track days on them.
$60 for both.

However, I know the supers are a MUCH stickier tire, and use-life just 
may not be worth the time it would take to mount them.

What's the list think? is this a deal worth jumping on for when my 
Diablos finally die, or should I just put that $60 toward new Diablos 
when it comes time to re-shod the Geep?

Michael in Holley, NY

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