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Wed May 23 08:00:55 PDT 2007

Subject 1: My '96 GPZ still pings after trying several different brands of gasoline. I took the bike to a friend of mine last night who has a lot of experience with motorcycles and he confirmed the pinging between 2500-4000rpm. He suggested that often on the ZX1100 (and possible the GPz as well) the carbs are quite lean from the factory in order to pass emissions; my bike perhaps more so since it is a CA model. He suggested opening the pilot screws up 1/2 a turn to see what happens.

Before doing that I wanted to ask again here if any of you have had similar pinging trouble between 2500-4000. If so, how did you fix it? For me it only happens in that range if the bike is under a heavy load (i.e. I really give it a lot of gas) It does not ping when driving the bike like normal. Never the less I don't think it should be pinging under any condition.

Subject 2: How do you folks use your gears under normal riding conditions? By this I mean 1. how far do you let the engine rev up before switching gears, and 2. how fast do you let the engine run when cruising at a steady speed? For example when I'm cruising at 35mph - 40 mph I'm usually in 4th gear. In 4th at this speed the engine is just a touch below 3000rpm. The GPz is my first bike so I'm really used to driving a car with a manual tranny and not a motorcycle. In most cars I'd never cruise at a speed above 3000rpm, my gas mileage would be terrible and the engine would be loud and annoying. My Olds Intrigue, which is an automatic, barely spins at 2000rpm at 60mph. So, is it totally different with motorcycles? Should I be cruising at 4000 instead. Any ideas would be welcome.

Subject 3: Is there a place online with an archive of the email traffic that is sent through this GPzList? I'd love to be able to look at past messages?


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