Pinging and octane ratings

James Keefover jkeefover at
Thu May 24 05:10:16 PDT 2007

Can someone confirm that the manual calls for 87 octane?

I used to think my bike pinged when I put a tank of 87 in it.  Now I just
think it does that when there's a cold tank of gas of any octane rating.  I
swear it seems that once the gas warms up it runs better.  Possibly the
colder fuel is not carb-ing as well because my carbs are not right or worn.
Or, possibly it's psychological, "motosomatic".

BTW, I did replace my clutch and it solved my problem.  I also replaced
chain and sprockets, thanks for all the advice.  I had someone else order
the sprockets and chain and they bought the wrong front chain wheel (for a
ZX-11 I believe) but I machined a spacer and it works fine until I get an
OEM one.

Next up is cush drive and fork seals.


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