Pinging and octane ratings

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Thu May 24 09:03:46 PDT 2007

From: "James Keefover" <jkeefover at>

> Can someone confirm that the manual calls for 87 octane


GPz1100 Motorcycle Owner's Manual
Part #99920-1776-01
Page 29, second column...
"The octane rating of a gasoline is a measure of its resistance to 
detonation or "knocking".  Use a gasoline with an octane rating equal to or 
higher than that shown in the [table below]."

[From table]
Antiknock Index (RON+MON)/2     =    Minimum rating of 87
Research Octane Number (RON)     =    Minimum rating of 91

The antiknock index method (first one above) is the one used at US gas 

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