Jeffrey Walker walkerjl at
Sun May 27 07:21:34 PDT 2007

I think that you are mismatching the torque / power demand and the chamber
pressure and engine rpm, and doing it in too high of a gear... In other
words, you are lugging the motor!  

As far a running too lean... yes, that is probable with a CA emission model
I reckon.  The previous owner of my bike installed a Factory Pro jet kit for
the carbs and installed their supplied needles one notch out.  It used to
have larger size main jets installed too, but I went back to stock since the
fuel economy suffered and I think it ran a bit rich.  Drilling out the pilot
screw covers and adjusting those out a bit won't hurt either, no more than
2.5 turns... but take careful note of where they are currently set at,
probably somewhere around 1 7/8.  

But most importantly, you need to educate your right hand and left foot.
When I'm accelerating, the bike very quickly passes through that rpm range
where it could lug since I'm doing that in a lower gear (1st).  I don't
think the bike runs any lower than 3K rpm in any other gear during up shifts
and normal acceleration.

My bike also has an ignition advancer and these days I run 87 octane gas
with no ill effects at all.

Good luck with it,
Jeff in Eastern Washington

I can only get 92 octane here is western Washington and I always use it in
my no, higher octane gas does not make it go away.
Jeffrey R. Markham 
Digital Designer

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