Valve Cover Gasket

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Mon May 28 10:12:26 PDT 2007

Thanks for the reply Michael. I took a look at my factory service manual and noticed two things:

1. It doesn't make mention of any tightening pattern, it just says to tighten the valve cover bolts to 87 in/lbs. Which I did. Does your manual show a tightening pattern...if so, what page is it on?

2. It also mentions the installation of the Head Cover Gasket, the Plug Hole Gaskets, and the Dowel Pins. I know what the first two are, but what are dowel pins? I certainly didn't notice or remove any dowel pins when I removed the valve cover the first time.

Jeffrey R. Markham 
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A little smudge of silicone around the corners by the cam ends and a little to hold the figure eight shaped gaskets at the centre of the cover. Observe the  cross pattern tightening sequence in your manual & torque values , they are very low and over doing it will cause leaks. It is rare to have to replace this gasket but not inconceivable.
Mike B.

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Well, I adjusted the valves on my GPz. The engine still runs so I guess that's good news. The valve cover gasket is now leaking however. I reused the old gasket and put silicone sealant on the upper edges of the gasket and the lower edges of the valve cover. Same for the spark plug shaft gaskets. Those are probably leaking as well though I haven't stripped it all down to take a look. I'm a little too frustrated to do that right now; I'm sick of working on the bike, I just want to ride. Anyway, how do I fix this? Should I get a new gasket(s)? Should I use silicone sealant at all? Any thoughts would be helpful.


-Jeff Markham

Jeffrey R. Markham 
Digital Designer

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