Plug wire questions

bob.sims at bob.sims at
Tue May 29 01:32:16 PDT 2007

> Call out to anyone who has changed their plug wires/boots
> I'm using the NGK #SD05F 5ohm plug boots that Murph has for the 
> Concours 
> (Same engine top end) and they are about  1" too short.  


I've went down this same road before without success.  I used that solution (NGK boots + generic wire, but w/o boot) for a single plug as a temporary fix for a wire that had burned out.  I think I had to get help from my diminuitive assistant (supermodel wife) to pull the cap off, or maybe I used needle-nosed pliers, can't remember.  I think I still have the NGK caps laying around somewhere.

I could not find an adequate aftermarket solution before I found a low-mileage OEM set on eBay.  I have since seen longer automotive caps that look like they would work, but never had time or circustances to pursue.

FWIW, I was very pleased when I eventually did replace the wires and igniters with the low-mileage OEM units.  Turned out that two of my original wires were burned out (green crud) at the point where the wire mated with the cap contacts, with corresponding poor performance.


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