just might get rid of it...

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 31 11:14:06 PDT 2007

Yeah, don't sell it yet. Wait till after the surgery. No need to be kicking yourself later....like I'm doing for selling you my LSL kit ;-)

David Beard <davidebeard at comcast.net> wrote:  Andy,

Have never had a joint replacement, but know a couple people who 
have. Everyone I've talked to has mentioned how great they feel with 
their new knees, hips, etc... I don't know when you are scheduled to 
have the surgery, but if it was me, I'd hold off on selling the bike at 
least until after your recovery, just to see how you feel. My guess is 
you'll be able to ride, especially after you go through physical 
therapy. Best of luck with your surgery.

Dave B

andy burkard wrote:
> Well folks, i'm considering getting rid of the geeper
> and it's fixin's.
> 20 years ago, while on my '84 GPz 1100 (the faster
> silver one), i ended up getting run over in the
> parking lot at work and busted a shoulder bad. we're
> now talking about doing a replacement surgery.
> riding even the 10 miles to and from work is now more
> pain than joy so i'm considering getting rid of it
> all. the thought alone is depressing while at the
> same time i struggle wondering if post surgery i'd be
> kicking myself big time without a bike. one always
> wonders.
> what do you think the going rate is for a 96 with 40k
> miles? i'd probably return it to stock and sell the
> goodies separately... corbin seat, back rest, givi
> bags, jardine pipe, jet kit, lsl+zrx bars, and a few
> other odds & ends...
> sigh...
> in the meantime, i'm off to india again tomorrow
> morning, so i'll have something like 26 hours of
> "lufthansa-butt" time to mull things over. 
> anyone ever have a shoulder replaced? can you ride
> again?
> thanks for listening... later,
> andy b
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