doldrums away!

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Nice pix. I like riding in Idaho. Your Zeezer looks good too. Well, I am not really riding much yet. Last week I put in Sta-Bil, and took her out for a 20 minute spin, to get it in to the carbs. This was my first real ride since doing the asphalt slam dance last June. The good news is that Gypsy rides straight and true, tracks right in the corners and brakes like she should. The bad news is that it feels like the clutch is slipping when give it the berries. Can any of you gurus tell me if being on her side (left side) like she was when she slid, can affect the clutch? Advice is sought...

As for me, the ribs, lung and collarbone are mostly healed, but I still am restricted to light loads. (I can carry a sheet of 1/4" plywood, but not 3/4 " plywood). Now I am in Physical Therapy for a ripped posterior cruciate ligament in my right knee. The ortho guy said "the outcome of surgery, at your age, is very uncertain." He had to "add the at your age," crack. These smart-mouth whippersnappers! Let this be a warning to all of you, avoid tumbling on asphalt at 60 mph, and watch for icy bridges and corners and fallen leaves, etc. Damn, it is enough to make you paranoid. Especially since many of you are "at my age".
Black Gypsy (and Chuck, her pilot)

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Pics of a recent 400-mile ride to Idaho and back in case anyone's

Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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