Worn Petcock

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Tue Nov 13 12:29:15 PST 2007


I researched this a few years ago and found out the only 
difference in the OEM petcocks is one O-ring. Kawasaki 
apparently changed the material to help ward off the 
leakage problems they'd been having.

If you wanted a manual petcock, there are options out 
there, including replacing the petcock with one from a ZZR-
1200, it's manual and a bolt on.  However, obviously the 
reserve amount will change.  I know lister Samir Powar did 
this conversion.

Charles S. - Wow! Two messages in a day!

>I took the petcock apart this weekend and it looks like 
>the diaphragm is worn out. Does anyone know if this 
>component can be purchased on it's own? According to the 
>Kawasaki parts diagram it doesn't appear with a
>seperate part number. I'm afraid I'm going to end up 
>buying the entire petcock assembly.
>Also I wouldn't mind upgrading with a better quality unit, 
>even a manually operated one. Any leads there? Though 
>according to Kawasaki the petcock part number (51023-1219) 
>was replaced with (51023-1260) at some
>point.  Perhaps this new number also signifies a newer 
>design that is more reliable? Any thoughts?
>   Jeff Markham

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