OEM prices (drain plug washers)

William K Denton wkdenton at verizon.net
Wed Nov 14 11:11:45 PST 2007

Check the prices on  the following items at 

86-1400        14mm ID         HD Fiber Washer        $0.09/ea
86-CU           14mm ID        Copper Washer           $0.30-0.60/ea
86-AL            14mm            Aluminum Washer        $0.20-0.50/ea

I use the HD fiber ones all the time now from Sear at $0.50/ea retail.  I 
might just have to spend $8.50 more and buy 100 next time.  Maybe I'll open 
an E-bay store <g>.  At that cost, one of you Northern Americans could stock 
enough for the entire Canadian GPz community for the price of a small tank 
of gasoline.

Bill in Yardley, PA
wkdenton at verizon.net
'96 GPz1100

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From: "The Masons" <masonjs at nrtco.net>

> I should have bought a couple of filters in VT and a couple of gallons of 
> oil.  I think we're getting ripped off here.

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