Canadian Maritimes

Steve Northrop blackgpz at
Fri Nov 16 21:28:27 PST 2007

At the coffee shop last night, a couple of the guys have started planning a 
2 week trip that would include Labrador, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. They 
estimate 4000 miles with over 900 miles of unpaved roads. Since there's no 
Fandango this year, I think I might go. I would have to buy a bike as 
neither the GPZ nor the Daytona is suitable for 900 miles of unpaved road 
(although it doesn't sound all that much different than the last time I was 
in Canada. Vermont's roads were paved but I think unpaved roads would have 
been smoother). The three that are planning it have a Kaw KLR650 (new) and 
two Beemer GS1100's so I'm thinking of an "adventure tourer", something that 
won't break the bank because I might sell it right after the trip. Right now 
I'm thinking 650 V-Strom. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Steve in Western NY
'96 GPZ1100
'02 Daytona 955i
"You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White 

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