Canadian Maritimes

The Masons masonjs at
Sat Nov 17 14:18:41 PST 2007

THAT TIME OF YEAR THE BLACK FLIES SHould be starting to drop off.  But most 
of the dirt road run is through black spruce boreal forest.  Very flat very 
boggy.  That's why the birds migrate north lots of bugs to feed their young. 
I don't think you guys plan on camping.  Depending on your route east west 
(Cathcart NF to Baie Comeau QC.  You don't have too many choices of places 
to stop--Goose Bay/Happy Valley, Labrador City and Church Hill Falls.
You can get a gratis cell phone (for emergencies only) on this run.  Pick it 
up at point "A" and drop it off at point "B".
There is a 2006 KLR with 1200 km in for sale Haliburton (the place we were 
supposed to have lunch on day 2 in 2004) $4400.00 is a good price--wonder if 
I could pick it up on my way home from Manitoulin--haven't done that since 
2001 when I bagged the 1984 Honda XL250R.  I guess if I got rid of both 
Hondas and the Triumph Marilyn would be happy to see the KLR.

Jim  got everything but the frozen stuff and the firearms packed. 

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