Canadian Maritimes

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Sat Nov 17 17:41:26 PST 2007

Yeah, Steve, you could think about the BMW F650 in one setup or another (GS,
probably).  A colleague rode one through the lower 48 this summer and,
though he's a very frequent bike-changer, he's going to keep this for a 2nd
season...  really loves it.

I've heard great things about the DL's also.

Given your size, I wouldn't be afraid of "uber-sports" like the R1150/1200GS
and KTM's awesome Adventure series.  Yes, picking the big Bimmer up
repeatedly can get quite tiring (DAMHIK), but it sure is smooth and stable,
and ABS doesn't suck either!  (I used my GS's ABS in a hurry on dirt once
and it was incredible).


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> Steve you may remember Phil, he took a ride on one and said it was gutless
> and ended up with a Beemer GS, but he is the only person I've heard say
> negative thing about it.
> Pete S
You want something gutless try a 650 beemer at the 11,000 foot level on your
way up Wolf Creek pass CO with some lard arse aboard.  You can't buy enough
whip to hasten it along or get the canaries flying to lighten the load.

Jim who's wondering how much shit he'll have to absorb if he detours through
Halibuton on his way home to check on (buy) the KLR.  The lord hates a
coward but he's not overly fond of fools.

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