Canadian Maritimes

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The F650 is gutless at sea level - though it's a as light as a bicyle in the 

Pete S

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>> Steve you may remember Phil, he took a ride on one and said it was 
>> gutless and ended up with a Beemer GS, but he is the only person I've 
>> heard say negative thing about it.
>> Pete S
> You want something gutless try a 650 beemer at the 11,000 foot level on 
> your way up Wolf Creek pass CO with some lard arse aboard.  You can't buy 
> enough whip to hasten it along or get the canaries flying to lighten the 
> load.
> Jim who's wondering how much shit he'll have to absorb if he detours 
> through Halibuton on his way home to check on (buy) the KLR.  The lord 
> hates a coward but he's not overly fond of fools.

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