Canadian Maritimes

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Sun Nov 18 19:23:15 PST 2007

I ran Anakees and, like I've said, the GS wasn't bad to pick up as long as
you only had to do it a few times.  If you want something gnarlier for that
dirt, get something gnarly...  The GS Adventure has always come with
Continental's "street knobby," I think (whatever that's called).  I'd
probably use them.


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How good are these "dual sport" tires (like Michelin Anakee, etc.) that come
on the adventure tourers? I'd rather be prepared for the 900 miles of dirt
(which could be 900 miles of MUD just as easily) than the 3000 miles of
pavement. Not a lot of choices in semi-knobby (what I would call a trials or
enduro style) tires in the size for the Wee-Strom. There's a lot more
selection in the sizes for the KLR. Any experience here?

Steve in Western NY
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> Got a buddy just came up from a KLX250s to a WeeStrom and dearly loves
> it - thinks he bought a gold wing.
> The 650 class bikes are great for extended travel so long as you don't
> have a lot of super slab. The 650's will do it just fine, but the
> fellas on the GS's will  have a cruising speed around 80 to 85. Of
> course, on that 900 unpaved mile stretch you'll run of and leave them.
> I rode from the bluegrass to OBX and back this past summer on the KLR
> and what little high speed riding there was would have been better
> spent on  my GS1150, but the beach riding would have been impossible
> (DEEP sand).
> Half a dozen of one, six of another.
> All that said, you really can't go wrong with a well set up KLR; tank
> panniers, better screen, hand guards, tool tube, sheepskin,
> radiator/tank guards, gps, hula girl...

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