Dave King oldfr8dog at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 19 20:01:30 PST 2007

I'm also in the market.  My son and I are planning to do the TransAm Trail in the summer of '09.  We've narrowed our bike choices down to either the DR650 or the KLR650.  We have motocross bikes now that we're going to sell to make room for the dual sports.  The eastern half of the trail is easier and can be done with bigger, heavier bikes such as the DL650 or 1000 but the western half is more technical and favors smaller bikes that are more dirt than street.  My son is a pretty good motocrosser, I'm going to be our limiting factor on how we fare, but it's going to be a lot of fun and a great few weeks with my son, I hope.

Christopher Chalk <chralk at yahoo.com> wrote:  Hey guys...

Had some food and drinks with Rob Friday and he's got me interested
in being an instructor here in VT, so I'll need a bike registered and
on the road for that. It's about time! The last few years since I
wrecked I didn't even want to keep up with the product out there
until recently. Man that new Connie is nice! I think my options are
the KLR or either of the DL bikes. I think that with my frame I can
do the 1000CC DL and still be able to pick up the DL on the dirt when
need be. The real question will be how much better at slab speeds is
the 1000 than the 650? If it's negligible then I'd stick with the
650. Interesting hearing you guys (Pete, Steve)are on the hunt for
them as well! 

Steve...sounds like an awesome trip. I've been up to Nova Scotia/Cape
Breton 3 times, one of those times we ferried to Newfoundland. We got
up to the ferry docks of Saint Anthony on the tip of the Western
Peninsula and thought we were badass. Until this fella got off the
ferry with his KLR and just told us he rode up through Labrador on
dirt for 1000 miles...that put us in our place...LOL.

Chris Chalk, formerly of Boston, now Burlington.

PS...snowshoed up Mt Mansfield yesterday and wished I had my board to
go down...there was 2 feet of powder everywhere. 

PPS...Jim Mason...yer package is going in the mail tomorrow. With the
move it got delayed a bit. 

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