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Chris, glad you made up to the land of milk and honey, where men are 
men and the women are double breasted! It's so much different than the 
urban environment you're used to. At the Burlington Bash, Rob was 
talking about one murder that happened last year. I told him that in 
Rochester (now the 30th most dangerous city in the US) we have 60-70 a 
year. Glad your getting back on a bike. The first time you ride you'll 
realize how much you really missed it.

I'm really excited about the trip across the Trans-Labrador Highway. 
I've been researching the crap out of it and it's going to take a lot 
of preparation and planning. We'll be going right through the towns you 
mentioned. We're planning on hitting the Cabot Trail in NS too!

I've been looking a little closer at the new KLR650 to see if I can 
make it good enough to live with for 4000 miles. From what I've read 
about the DL650, the seat is lower for those of shorter stature and is 
not as comfortable as the DL1000. Sargent makes a nice replacement but 
it's $400. If I bought a DL650, I'd have to sell it after the trip, I'm 
not ready to replace the GPZ just yet so I don't need another road 
bike. The KLR650 I would consider keeping though. There are a lot of 
dual-sport trails in NYS so maybe I'd get into that and give up the 
track day thing. There's a new motorcycle show in Toronto the first 
week in December. I'll be giving all the dual-sport bikes the once over.


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> Hey guys...
> Had some food and drinks with Rob Friday and he's got me interested
> in being an instructor here in VT, so I'll need a bike registered and
> on the road for that. It's about time! The last few years since I
> wrecked I didn't even want to keep up with the product out there
> until recently. Man that new Connie is nice! I think my options are
> the KLR or either of the DL bikes. I think that with my frame I can
> do the 1000CC DL and still be able to pick up the DL on the dirt when
> need be. The real question will be how much better at slab speeds is
> the 1000 than the 650? If it's negligible then I'd stick with the
> 650. Interesting hearing you guys (Pete, Steve)are on the hunt for
> them as well! 
> Steve...sounds like an awesome trip. I've been up to Nova Scotia/Cape
> Breton 3 times, one of those times we ferried to Newfoundland. We got
> up to the ferry docks of Saint Anthony on the tip of the Western
> Peninsula and thought we were badass. Until this fella got off the
> ferry with his KLR and just told us he rode up through Labrador on
> dirt for 1000 miles...that put us in our place...LOL.
> Chris Chalk, formerly of Boston, now Burlington.
> PS...snowshoed up Mt Mansfield yesterday and wished I had my board to
> go down...there was 2 feet of powder everywhere. 
> PPS...Jim Mason...yer package is going in the mail tomorrow. With the
> move it got delayed a bit. 
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