Terminal crimper - how to?

Art Lischer alisch80 at mchsi.com
Wed Nov 28 06:21:36 PST 2007

Although I've not done the Hitachi connectors before, I have done many 
of the vinyl jacketed bullet style connectors found on motorcycles and I 
have a crimper similar to what you have.  The bare metal spades on the 
bullet connectors have two sets of "flaps" to crimp; one for the bare 
wire and one to secure the insulation to the spade.  The flaps securing 
the insulation are usually the hardest to get crimped as you have to 
overlap them.  I think the Hitachi spades work the same except after 
crimping you simply push the crimped spade/wire assembly into the 
housing until it snaps; locking it into place.

As for using the dies; just find one that fits the connector snuggly, 
place it in the die, then guide the wire into it.  I crimp the bare wire 
in first as its usually the easiest to manage.  One trick is to not trim 
too much insulation off the end.  You only want a short bit of exposed 
wire to crimp.  Then move to crimp the "flaps" to secure the 
insulation.  Use the same die you used for the bare wire only you may 
have to "help" the "flaps" fold over and start to over lap with a small 
flat blade screwdriver before actually squeezing to make the crimp.

Art in DM

Steven Bixby wrote:
> I just received a universal crimper tool kit - a crimper frame and five sets
> of dies; seems like a reasonably nice unit for around $70.
> (http://www.toolaid.com/products.htm#2 - the 18920 kit)
> At the moment I have a handful of the "Hitachi" connectors from Electrical
> Connection:
>   http://www.electricalconnection.com/electrical-components/hitachi.htm
> The thing is, I've never used one of these crimpers.  I *think* I see how to
> make it work.   I've seen a tutorial/walkthrough/hint page online that shows
> this pictorially but dagnabbit, I can't find the page again.
> Anyone here that "Knows Better"?    :-)

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