schnowz schnowz at
Thu Nov 29 16:59:18 PST 2007

   I just received a Gerbing jacket liner and gloves. Evidently they are 
wired for dual controllers and if you want to run them off one controller 
you need to buy a splitter.
 I was shall we say a little pissed that there was no mention of this on the 
website under instructions. It actually has instructions for an older style 
jacket that has pigtails coming out.
 Anyway the thing I want to know from all you Gerberites is :
Are 2 controllers really necessary or can you balance the heat with one 
controller by layering. I am talking about the classic gloves (not the the 
G3's which I believe don't get as hot). I'm looking for info from guys that 
are NOT running heated grips.

Also anyone have a cheap source for the connectors..

Please ping me off list as I'm on digest and wanna know what I have to buy 


  Pete Staniforth 

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