Oil Color

Tom Wheeler the74impala at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 20 19:50:11 PDT 2007

I agree with the other posters saying it probably isn't a problem.  But if you are like me, and get scared when it is your stuff, not someone else's, you could drain the oil and let it set overnight, see if there is water/antifreeze floating on top and refill.  This is not likely to sound like a good idea considering how expensive that oil was.   At least you could get some final confirmation and settle the issue for yourself.  Using Rottella T would make it less expensive to do this I guess.  Good luck.  By the way, when I had a car that got antifreeze in the oil once, it was white milky and condensation all over the place inside the oil filler and the rest of the engine.  The bottom oil you drained out would not have any in it if it had time to separate though.

> Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 19:06:22 -0700> From: automan25 at yahoo.com> Subject: Oil Color> To: GPzList at micapeak.com> > So, the bikes running great now, but the oil as viewed through the sight glass looks cloudy. In a car engine, cloudy oil typically means it's time for a new head gasket as it's a sign of antifreeze in the oil. I drained a little bit of oil into a cup and it looks fine. Any ideas? BTW, This is fresh Mobile 1 synthetic motorcycle oil.> > http://automan25.dyndns.org/oil/1.jpg> http://automan25.dyndns.org/oil/2.jpg> http://automan25.dyndns.org/oil/3.jpg> > -Jeff> > __________________________________________________> Do You Yahoo!?> Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around > http://mail.yahoo.com 

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