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I would drain that oil, and make sure you get all the oil out of the oil cooler. Get some cheap oil to put in there and act as a flush, as well as a check. Also a new filter. Run it for a couple days, then drain it again, emptying the cooler again. Put in some more oil and another filter and then recheck it. Seems like a lot of oil to go through, but it's easier than pulling the pan or anything else.

Jeffrey Markham <automan25 at yahoo.com> wrote:  Update on Oil Color,

I now have about 15 miles on the fresh oil change and the color really has me worried. I drained out a quart into a clear container and it looks very opaque and slightly green (antifreeze?). When it's just a small amount it looks normal. I uploaded some shots, including one of the same oil straight from the bottle. Even fresh out of the bottle it's darker than automobile oil. I'm not really sure what to do at this point. I wish the pics were better. It's much easier to see the condition of the oil with the naked eye versus a camera. I checked the color of the antifreeze at the fill cap and it does not appear to have any oily residue in it. Also, the antifreeze level hasn't really fallen in the overflow tank at all. It's right at the full level where it's always been. I figure it can only be one of two things. Either the headgasket is busted and coolant is leaking into the oil or this is just some really funky oil that reacts differently than other oils.

Also, and this idea is far-fetched, I just thought of something else. I've read about busted fuel petcocks leaking fuel into the intake stream. I'm assuming if there was enough fuel in one of the cylinders it would leak past the rings into the crankcase. Would fuel in the oil cause it to look like this?

Any advice is appreciated.





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> So, the bikes running great now, but the oil as viewed through the sight glass looks cloudy. In a car engine, cloudy oil typically means it's time for a new head gasket as it's a sign of antifreeze in the oil. I drained a little bit of oil into a cup and it looks fine. Any ideas? BTW, This is fresh Mobile 1 synthetic motorcycle oil.
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