New Bike for a newby

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Mon Oct 22 16:43:19 PDT 2007

I was going to suggest an SV650 or a ZR7 until I read the dirt part.  650 Strom and Versys seem like good choices.
Paul in Alabama

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> Folks, 
> I'm trying to assist a friend who is wanting buy get back 
> into bikes after a multi-decade absence. I have no idea 
> about his riding skills, but he's a very level headed type 
> and old like me. ;-) 
> He's wanting to find a bike he can get comfortable with and 
> maybe eventually get his wife on the back, but this isn't 
> mandatory. The ability to go down a dirt road is appealing 
> to him, but he's not looking for a dirt bike as such. I 
> can think of a few bikes, but would like some input from 
> others. Any suggestions?? 
> Kawasaki KLR-650 
> Suzuki DL-650 
> Charles S. - Who bought his first BMW Saturday. 
> V 
> V 
> V 
> V 
> V 
> Car that is, 
> LOL! 

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