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> Hey GPz'ers,
> I think it's about time for the old GPz to be retired.  I dropped her 
> this morning on her left side in my driveway.  Foot slipped on the 
> G@# D@%$ ash from all the fires.  Couldn't keep her upright.  Slow 
> drop but managed to drive the turn signal through the upper fairing 
> and scuff up the lowers a bit.  She's done her fair share of keeping 
> me alive for many many years.  Even bounced off an antelope at the 
> Utah GPz rally.  But with 60k miles and 12 years I think it's time 
> for an upgrade.  I'm asking the list for recommendations.  I'm 6'4" 
> 220lbs.
> What have you guys been looking at for replacements?  I'm looking for 
> comfort for me and the girlfriends (wife doesn't do the bike thing) 
> and I think the way I've set up the GPz is perfect for me.  Corbin 
> seat, GenMar's and the mirror extenders.  Any and all suggestions are 
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Scott one of the senior GPz old farts.
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> Scott Snipas
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