Replacement for GPz

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Wed Oct 24 20:23:54 PDT 2007

For a replacement, I went with an 02 Triumph Sprint ST (gen 2, way
different from the current Sprint) this spring. It reminds me a lot of
my former GPz but just does everything a little (some things a lot)
better. Clean, low mileage examples are pretty affordable now. Look for
the faster British Racing Green version. Funnest, most versatile bike
I've owned so far.


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Hey GPz'ers,

I think it's about time for the old GPz to be retired.  I dropped her 
this morning on her left side in my driveway.  Foot slipped on the 
G@# D@%$ ash from all the fires.  Couldn't keep her upright.  Slow 
drop but managed to drive the turn signal through the upper fairing 
and scuff up the lowers a bit.  She's done her fair share of keeping 
me alive for many many years.  Even bounced off an antelope at the 
Utah GPz rally.  But with 60k miles and 12 years I think it's time 
for an upgrade.  I'm asking the list for recommendations.  I'm 6'4" 
What have you guys been looking at for replacements?  I'm looking for 
comfort for me and the girlfriends (wife doesn't do the bike thing) 
and I think the way I've set up the GPz is perfect for me.  Corbin 
seat, GenMar's and the mirror extenders.  Any and all suggestions are 

Thanks in advance,
Scott one of the senior GPz old farts.
Scott Snipas
Research Coordinator
Professor Guy Salvesen's Lab
The Burnham Institute for Medical Research

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