Replacement for GPz

James Cherolis jaciii at
Sun Oct 28 05:24:25 PDT 2007

The GS is where I ended up. (A fella I work with bought my GPZ, so I get to
fondle it sometimes.)  It's plenty fast, handles like a dirt bike, is stable
as a Goldwing on the slab, and there are a million ways to sit on it as it
is very roomy. Got a Corbin on mine w/ Alaska Leather sheepskin. You are
tall enough for an GS-Adventure definitely go that route.
Oh, and 60K is just gettin' broke in (so the BMW cognoscenti tell me).


On 10/23/07, Sims, Robert B MAJ MIL USA OSD <bob.sims at> wrote:
> > I'm asking the list for recommendations. I'm
> > 6'4"
> > 220lbs.
> > What have you guys been looking at for replacements?
> Scott,
> Don't worry and don't feel guilty, it will happen to all/most of us. The
> effects of my former GPZ being in storage for 14 months was my mental
> equivalent of your drop -- just too much expense, time, and effort for even
> minor fixes and maintenance.
> IMHO, I think your height and inseam are the real limiting factor for
> finding comfortable rides. In hindsight, I can't believe I pretended to be
> comfortable on the GPZ for as long as I did. I went through the same
> decision making process, and for me, there were only three important
> criteria:
> 1. Comfortable for a tall person (I'm 6'4"/193 cm with a 35"/89 cm inseam)
> 2. Low maintenance features
> 3. Hard luggage compatible
> Sounds simple, but really, there are only two street-friendly bikes out
> there that generally meet these criteria: the Buell Ulysses and the BMW
> R1200GS. There really are no Japanese bikes that are comfortable for tall
> folks -- excepting perhaps the V-Strom, KLR, and a few others.
> My Ulysses is in the shop now for the 5K mile service. So far, I love
> every bit of the bike -- I have drank the Buell Koolaid and it tastes very
> good. There have been a few niggly problems, but they've been covered under
> warranty, and certainly no worse than some of the GPZ's teething problems
> (leaky seals, dry bearings, etc). No chain or valve adjustments, no choke,
> and IMHO the most comfortable OEM seat of any bike, period. If you want to
> read more of my Ulysses propaganda, see:
> The 2008 model has a lot of improvements over my 2006 version, including
> more steering sweep (tighter radius).
> I'd recommend you test ride both the Ulysses and the 1200GS, if available.
> Please pass my regards to the family.
> Bob

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